As usual with a project of this scope, I want to have a public place to put down notes and ideas as I'm developing things; the Index is the last thing to go into the game, so it's a logical place to put it.



  • Build VASSAL Encounter Mapping Utility.
  • Consider creating categories for Main Plot and Sub-Plot for Chapters 2-5.


  • Chapter 2.3: Current chapter
    • I need to work on the details of the Demon's Eye Base. Finishing the base's stats would be a good place to start. I also need to slice the plot some more and begin generating battle maps.
  • 2.4: I need to finish the deck plans of the Drayman-II.
  • Chapter Three: Begin Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four: Begin Chapter Four
  • 5.1-5.3: Drop in templates, begin plot slicing when ready.

5.4: Continue compiling notes, design encounters, begin writing Prologue and Epilogue scenes.


  • Chapter 6.1-6.4: Add ambush point markers with white crosses to maps; look to see if any other type of mark might be required or possible.
  • Chapter 7.1: I need to finalize the characters and adjust some of the characteristics of the Demon's Eye Pack characters (possibly run the ones that had sustained injuries in their histories through a damage/healing routine to check for additional acquired traits, I don't recall if I did that or not. I know I did the age adjustment a while back).
  • Chapter 7.1: Create Standard Confederation Pilot - minor character template (cheat here - go back through the old campaigns and just pick one of them with the right skill set)
  • Chapter 7.1: Create Paulsen Pilot - minor character template.
  • Chapter 7.1: Create Corporate Elite Pilot - minor character template. Might change "Paulsen Pilot" to "Corporate Pilot" to make life easier on myself here.
  • Chapter 7.2: I need to do a Rapier for the Landreich and add its profile.
  • Chapter 7.2: I need to build images for the remaining craft. Install frickin GalCiv2 - you've got the damn thing - and see if you can make a decent-looking ship with it. Otherwise, make these things in Dream3D or request help.
    • Warrax DE, Firekkan
    • Vrystal Corvette, Firekkan
    • Dramik AO, Firekkan
    • Yoshira HF, Firekkan
    • Helbraus MF, Firekkan
    • Drayman-III AO
    • Dirk MF (In progress)
    • Falchion HF (In progress)
    • Claymore B/F (In progress)
    • Barque AO
    • Fluyt AO - not sure this one is still going to make it into the game.

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