Duxali'chur - "Sins of the Past"

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This is a placeholder page for Elegy Chapter 4.8, entitled "Duxali'chur".

HOOK: While conducting business on Ghorax Tha, Irgu is spotted by a local who remembers that he ran out on a challenge with an old ex-friend. (Side-Plot, Act III)

NOTES: I mention in Irgu's history that he has skipped out on a number of challenges in his life, so he's the main character of this story and this is his trapdoor. I'ma thinking that he'll be held until the challenge can be conducted against his old friend In lak Oranbakso; if he survives the encounter he'll consider whether or not he should settle down with In's daughter (I'm debating as to whether or not she was pregnant at the time Irgu skipped town).

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