Winhali K'varg - "Hard Choices"

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This is a placeholder page for Elegy Chapter 4.5, entitled "Winhali K'varg".

HOOK: The Pack is in desperate need of a particular commodity, but the first transport they raid that contains it is headed to a Kilrathi world in equally dire need. (Side-Plot, Act III)

NOTES: Medical supplies would make the most sense for this mission - and there's a town on Qual'lat where there's an ongoing outbreak of phthisis. The trick here is going to be having the players have the hard choice; there's got to be a genuine need, something that won't result in them going "oh well, we'll just catch the next one". A time crunch would make sense. Possibly involve Garmasdrish - he has latent phthisis and there's no guarantee that treatment will be successful without meds (hell, there's no guarantee WITH meds...).

Another possibility would be Watson's Disease - which is very contagious and lethal; apparently it can wipe out a city in a few weeks. There is no cure, but a vaccine exists. This one comes from the Dakota series of missions in WC1.

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