WCRPG has been designed to give fans of the original games a new, unique experience in the Wing Commander Universe as well as to serve as a primer on Wing Commander to newcomers. Adventures that weren't possible in the original games are so in WCRPG; they are merely a matter of a GM taking the time to sit down and create them. On the other hand, some GMs may want to give their players a more "genuine" WC experience, taking a group of rookie fighter pilots out on their first few forays against enemy forces which ultimately culminate in an epic battle that saves civilization as their species knows it. In either case, the GM will need as much information about the Wing Commander Universe as they can get their hands on as well as codified rules for any uniquely original situations.

WCPedia is a great online reference that contains information on almost any topic in the Wing Commander Universe. For those who don't have ready access to this wonderful resource, this final Chapter devoted to information about the Wing Commander Universe has been included. Section One contains a timeline of the WC universe, which lists the known events of the 27th and 28th centuries as well as a few earlier relevant entries. Section Two contains a list of noteworthy characters in the Wing Commander Universe and their in-game stats. Section Three discusses environmental effects and how they affect characters. Finally, Section Four rounds out the rules with a short list of non-sapient creatures that can be found in the Wing Commander Universe.

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