Most adventures in WCRPG involve capital ships whether they are acting as a setting, a point of origin or a potential target. Capital ships are the largest classification of vehicle in the Wing Commander Universe and are so much more advanced than most space vehicles that they require their own Chapter.

The most basic definition of a capital ship used in WCRPG is a starship (a space vehicle that has the capability to travel at an effective rate of speed faster than that of light) with an overall bounding volume of no less than 45,000 cubic meters. It should be noted that some space vehicles are at least this large and do contain jump engines; whether they are considered capital ships depends entirely on their intended function. There are many different types of capital ship in WCRPG, though there isn’t as wide of a variety of capital ships as there are vehicles. This is due to three main reasons. First, capital ships tend to be too expensive for all but the ultra-rich to own privately, so there are few if any Civilian users. Commercial and Industrial Users often use capital ships for the same general purposes, so there is no distinction made between the two. Because of these two facts, the Civilian, Commercial and Industrial users are combined into one large group (the Non-Military Group), whose only difference with the Military Group is a few limitations on design and thus there are no formal "users" when it comes to capital ships. Secondly, by definition, capital ships are space vehicles only. Finally, FTL travel is a very high-level technological development; achieving that level of development defines when a species has reached its Starfaring Age and so only Starfaring Age races can use capital ships. Even with these limitations, there are 70 different combinations of capital ship chassis and chassis weights, which is enough to cover all the different classifications of capital ship in existence. 

As with the vehicle Chapter, most of this Chapter is devoted to the process of constructing capital ships. Section One covers basic rules regarding capital ships, how they operate and what players need to know in order to use them properly. Section Two is the construction section, which includes subsections that describe the stats and limitations of the different capital ship chassis as well as their various pieces of equipment. Finally, Sections Three and Four both contain a catalog of capital ships (both canonical and non-canonical) that are present in the Wing Commander Universe. These catalogs are presented both for use in adventures and as an example of the end product of capital ship construction.

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