The Acumen Skills are as follows:

  • Perception (used to observe a character's surroundings - particularly when there's something important to be noticed)
  • Performance (used in situations where a character is performing a task not covered by any other Skill)
  • Survival (used to measure a character's application of survival techniques)

Perception (PRC)

This Skill is used whenever a character needs to notice something in a hurry and reflects the way they see their universe; it is used in place of the Spot skill used in traditional RPGs. Specializations include spotting specific types of objects. Every ten points added to this Skill give the character an effective -1 range modifier for all ranged attack actions the character makes in combat (for further details, see Chapter 9.2).

Performance (PRF)

This Skill is used whenever the character is required to perform any task that is not covered by another Skill. This includes any mundane tasks done during the performance of a character's job. For example, a farmer would make several Performance Checks to successfully plant or harvest crops (note in this case that they won’t know if those Checks were successful for quite some time). Specializations include the performance of the duties of particular occupations (shelving books, mopping floors, flipping burgers, acting, playing an instrument, etc.).

Survival (SRV)

This Skill represents the character’s knowledge and application of survival techniques in extreme situations. Specializations may include various types of terrain or weather conditions. A Survival Check may be made as a precursor to a Stamina Check to survive adverse conditions; the degree of success or failure is added to the DC of the subsequent Check.

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