The Intellect Skills are as follows:

  • Knowledge (used to test a character's memory and/or understanding of a specific subject)
  • Cunning (used in situations that require cleverness to succeed)
  • Resourcefulness (used when crafting or destroying objects, or when being resourceful is required for success)

Knowledge (KNW)

This Skill is used when a character’s knowledge must be tested. This Skill is typically subject to circumstantial DC adjustments; being asked about a topic in which the character has experience works in their favor. A character may specialize in any particular field of knowledge.

Cunning (CUN)

This Skill is used whenever the character is forced to be clever in order to succeed in a situation. This Skill is typically subject to circumstantial DC adjustments; for example, a character attempting to persuade an enemy guard into letting them go without saying anything will probably face very unfavorable circumstances. Specializations in this Skill may include con artistry, persuasion, deception, treachery, seduction, and so forth.

Resourcefulness (RSF)

This Skill is used whenever a character needs to craft an item, when they need to figure out a way to demolish something, or when they must be inventive in order to succeed. Some examples of situations where this Skill apply include crafting a crude weapon, figuring out where to set explosives in order to turn a reinforced structure into dust, or getting out of a jail cell with no more than a stick of gum and a paper clip. Specializations include practical applications of mechanics or schools of engineering (such as "Use of Duct Tape").

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