The Finesse Skills are as follows:

  • Dodge (used to get out of the way of anything that can cause damage)
  • Dexterous Maneuvers (used in situations that require agility to succeed)
  • Hiding and Seeking (used when attempting to hide something or to seek something out)

Dodge (DDG)

This Skill is used when a character is required to dodge something (such as something thrown or shot in their direction). A character may specialize in dodging specific types of objects (such as bullets or dodgeballs). A character's Dodge Skill is compared to an enemy combatant's Attack Bonus prior to an attack and will modify the HD of the character, possibly improving their chances of escaping damage.

Dexterous Maneuvers (DXM)

This Skill is used in place of most traditional RPG Dexterity skills. It is used whenever a character has to be agile in order to succeed; some examples of these kinds of situations include riding a wild animal or walking a balance beam in between two tall buildings. Specializations in Dexterous Maneuvers include riding specific animals, trying to keep one's balance, disabling traps, picking locks, and so on. Picking a mechanical lock is handled using the Dexterous Maneuvers Skill; electronic locks, however, require a Cunning Check (which is an Intellect skill; see Chapter 3.4). The amount of time that passes in a Dexterous Maneuvers Check will vary greatly based upon the situation and may require multiple successful Checks (at the GM's discretion). Some actions, such as picking a simple catch-hook lock, may take as little as 1 round. Others, such as carefully defusing a bomb, may take upwards of an hour or more. When in doubt, a GM should use the result of a 3d5 roll to indicate the amount of time in rounds a Dexterous Maneuvers Skill Check will take. This Skill is typically subject to circumstantial DC adjustment; for example, attempting to pick a particularly complex lock is not circumstantially favorable.

Hiding and Seeking (H&S)

This Skill is used in place of traditional RPG skills such as Hiding, Seeking, Searching, etc. A player may specialize in hiding and/or seeking particular kinds of objects (for example, a law enforcement official might specialize in "Seeking Illicit Narcotics" while a drug pusher might specialize in "Hide Illicit Narcotics from Cops"). The amount of time needed for a Hiding and Seeking Skill Check varies; as a general rule, the longer it took to hide something, the longer it takes to find it again. This Skill is typically subject to circumstantial DC adjustments; having a great deal of time to search for or hide something works in a character's favor.

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